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Uniforms and Workwear

In today’s business world, many workplaces require that their team dress in a specific style or uniform. When choosing uniforms or corporate attire, there are several factors to keep in mind:


Choose high quality fabrics that are comfortable and function well with the level of body movement required of your staff. Clothing made from quality materials will last longer, wear better, and look better on.


Choosing a style that fits your corporate image should be high priority for your company, but keep in mind that while your staff is the face of your image, they each have their own preferences. Allowing for a variety of options in keeping with your image will result in each employee looking like they belong to your team without looking like clones of each other. This personalized approach to corporate attire results in a happier, more productive workplace. Your staff will be comfortable in their choices, and will be less likely to oppose the uniform.


Each person on your team has a different body shape. Allowing for different fits in pants, skirt, shirts and blazers will ensure that each team member is able to wear a uniform that fits their body properly. Not only will your team look better, they’ll feel better about dressing for work each day.
Jack Nash understands how important these factors are when choosing workplace uniforms. We have helped countless businesses with their corporate wear needs, and offer a unique approach at outfitting your team.

The end result is a workplace full of employees who are all able to choose clothing that fits properly, is comfortable and suits their personal preferences, while at the same time, meets the guidelines set out by the employer.

The work wear featured our gallery is just a small sampling of what is available. Jack Nash would be pleased to assist your business in finding the right uniforms to fit your image and budget.